Raphael Wressnig Organ Combo feat.: Enrico Crivellaro

RAPHAEL WRESSNIG – Hammond B3 organ

Raphael Wressnig Organ Combo, a creative adaptation of the classic B-3 jazz trio format, has the B-3 specialist alongside Enrico Crivellaro on guitar and either Silvio Berger or Lukas Knöfler on the drums. Internationally acclaimed Crivellaro hails from Italy, while Berger and Knöfler are among the leading jazz-and-blues-and-beyond musicians found in Austria. RWOC tours extensively, appearing at many leading clubs and festivals on the Continent and elsewhere.

“Oh yes, Raphael plays a dynamic brand of B-3, his passion commensurate with his technique and his creative intelligence. He’s a high-voltage dynamo but also a musician of surprising delicacy and self-reflection. Call him one of the finest blues/jazz/soul B-3 operators anywhere.” (FRANK-JOHN HADLEY, DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE/USA)

“Crivellaro has a predilection for twisting the predictable into sounding fresh. Crivellaro is more than another accomplished guitarist with a wide-ranging knowledge of the blues, jazz, and soul idioms at his fingertips. The edginess and intensity of the blues is often a dynamic counterpoint to the more relaxed vibe of the soul/jazz idioms” (GARY TATE, BAD DOG BLUES/ USA)